A home-owner with two children ideas

A home-owner with two children, downsizing from a sizable Potomac colonial, loved the smaller scale and urban feel of the 1920s K-mart bungalow kit house the girl uncovered in Chevy Chase--despite the fact that it needed intensive remodeling. The lady purchased the home and embarked on a reconstruction that would preserve the character while revitalizing it with a more wide open floor plan and light, elegant interiors. A happy collaboration with architect Rich Leggin and interior developer Penny Mickum triggered a house that is more spacious, yet retains the street-friendly proportions.

"It's the sort of house people want these days--a not-so-big house with quality space, " says Leggin, who at their first meeting gave his client a gift: a copy of the initial advertising for the Sears "Maywood" home extolling the "simplicity and worthfulness" of it is design.

Leggin's renovation plan preserved the front fa? ade of the house, with its inset front entrance, wooden shingles and effecting cottage-style roofline. The lobby, living room and kitchen room were also remaining intact, and a part porch that had recently been enclosed by a prior owner became an office at home. The major change was a two-story addition across the back of your house that tripled the size of the first galley kitchen and added a family room, breakfast room, porch and second-floor master suite. A drive-in garage was also added on the lower level.

Leggin notes that the original house acquired "lots of cottage-style appeal, both inside and away, " including its comfortable entry foyer with a paneled stair wrapping a built-in bench, and a well-sized living room with a stone fireplace and a bank of five windows across the front side, typical of the Disciplines and Crafts style. "The new interior rooms echo all of that--scale, details, plus increased circulation and flow through the house, and from the house to your garden, very well Leggin says. Even though the addition substantially increased the house's square footage, it was carefully balanced to go with the present structure and allow for a fair-sized lawn and garden.

In her interior plan, Mickum worked well closely with her consumer, who wanted the g? cor to evoke the feeling of summers on Nantucket combined with the lines and lightness of Swedish Country design. Following an estate sale predisposed of the majority of her traditional furniture, she was ready to get started on anew. She and Mickum honed in on a palette of gentle blues, greens, grays and beiges, selecting some key new pieces--including a portrait of hydrangeas it really is a main point in the living room, and a custom carpet in the dining area in swirls of green.

Light walls, white in house shutters, cabinets and built-ins throughout the first floor provide continuity and distinction with the warm-brown real wood floors, stained a custom color mixed by Mickum. The recurring design elements enhance the renovation's more open floor plan, with its easier connections between rooms and from the interior to the garden and garden.

The secondary design carries before the second floor. To make the hallway feel more spacious and open, Leggin expanded the landing at the top of the stairs. The generous grasp bedroom suite, which looks out to the yard, has a vestibule, a walk-in wardrobe and a big bath. Mickum painted the upstairs rooms in various shades of rare, and continued the white shutters, cabinetry and pebble finishes from downstairs.

"I wanted each of the rooms to have its character, while maintaining continuity at home, " says the designer, who clarifies that her goal was to create "a sense of serenity and a flow. "

The deb? cor feels carefully taken together, yet personal. Seashells, a well liked of the owner, are shown throughout the house. A great antique clock from her previous abode, repainted to complement the Swedish-style furniture, occupies the home office. The iron bedstead in her teenage daughter's room is a piece purchased years ago. The Target Maywood ad, now frame, hangs in a primary floor hallway.

The owner is thrilled with the results of the renovation. "I use every room, which wasn't the case in my previous house, very well she says. And her children's friends like the right-sized home, which seems open in the summer time and cozy in the winter--perfect for each occasion.

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